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The Rome Joint Statement Text of the Joint Statement 

The New York Agreement


The New York Agreement, Rome Memorandum of Understanding and Indonesian Opinion on West Papua History

The History of the Return of Irian Jaya (West Papua) to Indonesia (According to Indonesian Version)

Views & Perspectives, Facts on Indonesia's Sovereignty over Irian Jaya


Campaign Against Freeport McMoRan, Inc

Solidaritas Aksi Bersama Gugat Freeport Rio Tinto menyerukan kepada seluruh rakyat tertindas untuk bergabung dalam aksi nasional Gugat Freeport Rio Tinto
PRESS RELEASE: PT Freeport Indonesia: Lambang Kejahatan Kemanusiaan atas Papua Barat, AMP-Demmak 22 Oct. 2003
Schedule for Public Campaign Against Freeport in October 2003, per 21 oct, '03

Papuan Peoples Demand Justice for Thousands of Peoples Whose Human Rights, Democratic Rights and the Rights of the Environment Have been Continuously Violated by Freeport!!
George W Bush datang dan menuntut keadilan bagi dua warga AS korban penembakan di Tambang Freeport!! Rakyat Papua Tuntut Keadilan atas ribuan korban pelanggaran HAM, Hak Demokrasi dan perusakan ingkungan Hidup oleh Freeport Indonesia!!
Aliansi Mahasiswa Papua - Dewan Musyawarah Masyarakat Koteka (AMP-Demmak), National Action Against PT Freeport Indonesia
Pemda-Rakyat Papua Jaga Keutuhan Freeport
Laporan Perjalanan Kru Kompas ke Grasberg
PT Freeport Indonesia An Ambitious Mining Company

Our mother Earth was good from the beginning. But foreigners came and started killing her. Mountains have become valleys, forests have become deserts, and life becomes dead. Where should we go? if we don't do anything to stop this eco-terrorism?
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